Kodak EX1011 digital picture frame - Review

Kodak EX1011 digital picture frame - Review

Kodak EX1011 digital picture frame - ReviewEmail your pictures straight to this photo frame

Pros: Good design; Clever email abilities

Cons: Poor screen quality

Bottomline: Although it has a lot of good features, the EX1011 is let down by its poor screen quality

Manufacturer: Kodak

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    At first glance the Kodak EX1011 looks like a very impressive photo frame.

    It's much larger than most similar frames at 10in (smaller versions are available) and it can connect to a wireless network. This means it can pick up images from your computer rather than needing a memory card to be plugged in and other people can email photos direct to your frame.

    That makes it ideal for less computer-savvy relatives. You can simply send your latest snapshots and they'll appear on their frames. The Easyshare software for setting this up (you need an account with Kodak's online service) is supplied in the box. But it wasn't without its problems.

    The wireless network setup was fraught with problems. We spent 10 minutes trying to enter our wireless network security key using the two arrow buttons on top of the frame, tapping buttons seemingly at random to move about on the on-screen keypad, before we noticed there was a remote control in the box. Using that to enter the key was much easier, but the frame still had trouble connecting to our network.

    The EX1011 plays audio from its internal memory (128MB), which can store photos as well. Sound plays through the built-in speaker at decent, if tinny, volume levels. A stand is built into the frame, as are holes for hanging it on a wall, a volume control, headphone socket and power switch.

    It can accept most common memory cards and, although it only plays JPEG pictures and MP3 music, it can handle several types of video file, so you could even use it as a secondary screen for film viewing.
    The only problem with that is the screen quality: at 800x480 pixels (that's only 0.3 megapixels), pictures look poor stretched across a relatively large screen.

    From further away (2-3ft) it's much better but colours are still not subtle, with big changes in tone in shaded images (making normal skin look blotchy, for instance). Despite its many clever features, the Kodak EX1011 is let down by its screen quality – which is the most important thing in a digital picture frame.