Hiper Anubis PC Case - Review

Hiper Anubis PC Case - Review

Hiper Anubis PC Case - ReviewA robust and well-designed ATX tower case

Pros: Robust design; easy to access internals; good cooling

Cons: Non-removable motherboard tray; only one fan included

Bottomline: A well-designed case with outstanding build quality and some great design touches

Manufacturer: Hiper

Available online at:
  • Newegg.com

    The Anubis is Hiper’s first ATX case and screams quality as soon as you get it out of the box.

    Build quality is first rate, with the whole case constructed from 3mm thick 6063 T5 aluminium alloy, which gives it a reassuring weight of 10kg. Adding to the feeling of build quality is the use of welded joints for the chassis, something you don’t see everyday, which adds strength to the case ­ Hiper says the Anubis can withstand weights of up to 100kg.

    The whole case inside and out is finished in satin black, with the exception of the motherboard back plate and part of the rear panel which are left in a natural alloy colour. The top of the case has deep ridges acting like a heatsink; the downside of this design is that it will collect dust over time, although Hiper helpfully supplies a brush to keep it clean.

    Both side panels are held in place by a pair of sprung latches at the top of the panel, so there are no thumbscrews to undo. One of the panels has an acrylic window covered by a fine metal mesh, which adds to the impressive look of the Anubis.

    One slight niggle is the motherboard tray isn’t removable, but it does at least have all the stand-off holes engraved so there’s no second guessing how to mount the motherboard. You only get a single cooling fan with the Anubis­ a 120mm model mounted in the roof.

    There are mounts for two more fans ­ one sits in the rear panel and the other at the front of the removable 3.5in drive cage. The rear panel has two holes drilled in it, both with rubber grommets should you want to go down the liquid cooling route. All in all, this is an extremely impressive case with excellent build quality.