Stolen laptops scream with alarm

Stolen laptops scream with alarm

New USB device also locks data when disturbed

A new device to be shown at next week's Infosecurity show causes a laptop to scream if it is disturbed.

The device, called Laplock, is the idea of Coventry electronics graduate Chao Liu.

It fits into a USB port and monitors any movement or tampering with the laptop.

In addition to screaming when disturbed, it locks all the data on the laptop. Both devices keep screaming even if the Laplock is removed. The alarm can only be disabled by typing in a password.

Chao developed the device with a £10,000 grant from a scheme organised by Coventry University Enterprises (CUE), the commercial arm of the university, via its Business Enterprise Works start-up.

Laplock is being sold under the name Lapsafe Notelok for £39.95.