Samsung YP-P2 portable video player - Review

Samsung YP-P2 portable video player - Review

Samsung YP-P2 portable video player - ReviewPros: Great looks; good sound quality; solid build

Cons: Limited video playback, flaky software

Bottomline: The sound quality alone makes it worth considering unless video is your only interest

Manufacturer: Samsung

It's clear that Samsung wants the YP-P2 to appeal to those who like the look and feel of the iPod Touch but can’t justify the expense.

Instead, the 2GB version of the P2 (it's available in 4GB and 8GB versions as well) sells for £99, which is half the price of the entry-level Touch.

There’s no wireless network connectivity, but it is enabled for Bluetooth. The P2's screen is half an inch smaller than the Touch's, but it’s equally bright and sharp.

Although light at 86g, the P2 is solidly made thanks to its metal case. There are three buttons along its edges: a play/pause button on the left side and volume controls on the right which sit beneath the thumb and middle finger respectively, meaning operation is easy.

The P2’s touchscreen is responsive without being oversensitive – it’s clear that Samsung have thought about how to prevent accidental selections when using the screen. It’s difficult to accidentally press the buttons through your clothing when the hold switch isn’t activated, because you have to tap each menu item twice to confirm the selection.

One of the most exciting features of the P2 is its Bluetooth capability. We paired it with a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones (available for around £50). Within minutes we were enjoying the benefits of wireless listening, and we had no connection problems, unlike with many Bluetooth devices.

The P2’s Bluetooth facility can in theory be used to make and receive calls while your mobile phone is in a bag or pocket. However, we were unable to get this to work despite repeated attempts ending in repeated crashes.

Sound quality from the player is superb, provided you replace the supplied earphones with a better pair. High notes are crisp without sounding harsh and there is plenty of bass but it’s not overpowering.

The player supports MP3 and paid-for WMA files, but we would have liked to have seen the ability to play MPEG4 video, which can only be played if first converted using the supplied software. For video and as a Bluetooth device, it’s average, but the YP-P2 is a great music player.