Philips SB6102 Bluetooth Headphones - Review

Philips SB6102 Bluetooth Headphones - Review

Philips SB6102 Bluetooth Headphones - ReviewBottomline: Great for Bluetooth-enabled devices – others need the chunky receiver, though

Manufacturer: Philips

The SB6102 headphones are designed for listening to music wirelessly from a music player or mobile phone and they can also be used as a phone headset.

The package consists of a pair of neckband-style headphones, a small Bluetooth receiver that plugs into the headphone socket of the MP3 player, and a mains charger. Using the headphones with an iPod, for example, requires the pebble-sized receiver to be connected but if you have a Bluetooth-enabled music player such as the Samsung P2, or a Bluetooth mobile phone it's not needed.

We had no problems connecting the SB6102s to our phone or music player. The headphones are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit and don’t feel too heavy to wear for long periods. Sound quality was good, although we found that our music could be easily overheard. If you're listening when a call comes in, a button-press on the headphones switches to talk-mode.

There was slight interference but it didn’t overly affect call quality. There are also controls for skipping tracks and changing the volume. Battery life is very good at about 10 hours. For Bluetooth users, the SB6102 is great.