New pricing options from Vodafone

New pricing options from Vodafone

Vodafone has changed its charges for mobile workers, and world travellers

Vodafone has announced new pricing in its mobile broadband tariffs, saying that the new charges offered much better value for money.

The new prices came into effect on Tuesday April 1, and come in three different packages, ranging in price and data allocation between £15 and £25 a month, and 3GB and 5GB.

The firm also announced changes to its charging for mobile roaming, offering a 200MB per month bundle across Europe for £60. Worldwide travellers would have to pay £95 for the same amount of data. Occasional travellers can choose to sign up to an option that gives them 24 hour sessions, in selected companies, for £8.50.

All tariffs are subject to fair use policies, for example, a 24 hour session outside of the UK would only allow for 50MB, while in the UK a user could use 500MB.