Logitech Cordless Headset - Review

Logitech Cordless Headset - Review

Pros: Solidly made, good sound quality, easy to use

Cons: Quite large, inaccurate voice dialling

Bottomline: A better cordless headset for Skype than for a mobile

Manufacturer: Logitech

All Bluetooth headsets can be used with a mobile phone, but this Logitech Cordless Headset can also connect to a computer to work with Skype.

On the headset there are controls for adjusting the volume and a multi-function button that controls most of the headset's features.

Although relatively lightweight, it is larger and more solid than most Bluetooth headsets.

In our case this made it uncomfortable to wear for long periods as the rubber loop that secures it to the ear is quite small and taut, to ensure that it stays put.

Those with smaller ears may find it a more comfortable fit, though, and it can be worn on either ear.

The mouthpiece is offset from the wearer's face – this is a good piece of design that prevents unwanted contact with the microphone when it's in use.

Pairing the device with a mobile phone was a simple case of enabling Bluetooth and searching for an audio device. Connection to a PC is made using the included USB adapter and Logitech’s Callcentral software.

During testing we were generally pleased with the device’s performance – the volume can be turned up loud enough to be easily heard over the sound of a noisy engine or a busy road, something not all Bluetooth headsets can handle.

Sound quality on both calling and receiving ends is barely distinguishable from a call made directly from the phone. There was no interference, nor were there gaps in reception, as is so often the case with similar headsets. When fully charged, battery life was good for around a week’s regular use, more than enough for most people.

The supplied software can connect, disconnect and adjust the microphone and speaker of the headset easily from an unobtrusive control panel. You can also s elect the default calling service, such as Skype or other software.

Handsfree dialling is possible by saying the recipient’s name as it appears in your contacts. We found this annoyingly inaccurate, though, even after training it.

If you are a Skype user, this is a neat cordless device, and an improvement on standard headsets, but mobile-only users will find cheaper, lighter headsets elsewhere.