Jail data-loss bosses, say experts

Jail data-loss bosses, say experts

Companies should also be fined, and customers compensated

Security experts have certainly got it in for the bosses of companies that lose customer data, according to a new survey.

One in four of those questioned believed that the chief executive, or the board member responsible, should be jailed.

The survey of 107 experts from different countries was carried out by security firm Websense at last month's E-crime conference.

More than three quarters believed offending companies should face fines, and 59 per cent said customers affected should be compensated.

Almost all (96 per cent) said governments should work together to address cybercrime and that some kind of organisation should be set up to ensure that they do so.

Mark Murtagh, technical director for Websense in Europe, said the survey showed opinion was hardening on the need for action against cybercrime and data loss.

"We do expect to see more stringent regulation for security breaches, including those that involve the loss of personal data," he said.

"Board members should ensure proactive, strategic action is taken to protect their organisation’s essential information.”