IBM showcases new Power servers

IBM showcases new Power servers

Servers ship with IBM's EnergyScale power management and PowerVM virtualisation

IBM has introduced the latest line of servers based on its Power6 processor line.

The company unveiled two rack-mount units and one blade server which it promises will be the first models in a new generation of Power servers.

Each server will support Linux and Unix as well as applications written for IBM's Systemi platform.

The servers will also sport IBM's EnergyScale power management tool and PowerVM virtualisation software, and mark the merging of IBM's System i and System p lines.

Big Blue is touting the Power6 systems as a way for users to save energy and operating costs by consolidating multiple older systems into a single virtualised server.

"Over the past few years we have been sharing more and more technology between System i and System p in preparation to enable clients to leverage the same platform," said Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM's power systems branch.

"This unification, embodied in the first in a new generation of power systems, will create additional opportunities for our clients to optimise their IT infrastructures."

The three new systems will be targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises. The blade system will be known as the i Edition Express for BladeCenter, while the two rack-mount servers will be known as the Power 520 Express and Power 550 Express.