Government launches social media taskforce

Government launches social media taskforce

New group will aim to find opportunities in new social media web sites and techniques

The UK government is to explore the ways that it can use social media to improve communication with its citizens.

A taskforce has been set up, the Power of Information Task Force, and will be chaired by political blogger Richard Allen. The team's members will be drawn from internet businesses, practitioners, the civil service, and public service bodies. Its key goal is to "increase innovation and improve the way the Government shares information so ordinary people can develop online services that benefit their community."

Launching the taskforce cabinet officer Tom Watson said, "We need to listen and learn from the experts so we can satisfy people's desire for faster, better public services. I want to move quickly. With advice from the Task Force, we will get on with improving services for our citizens to match the pace of change."

The government will explore the use of online forums, the possibility of using mash-ups to encourage more user debate, and the possibility of advising civil servants on the use of social media sites and tools.