Google sued for Street View privacy invasion

Google sued for Street View privacy invasion

Couple seeks $25,000 in damages

A Pennsylvania couple are suing Google for posting pictures of their home on Google Street View.

The couple have filed a case claiming that one of Google's vehicles which photographs urban areas using a digital camera mounted on the roof took the photos by driving up a road clearly marked 'Private Property'.

"As residents living in a private road Plaintiffs had a reasonable expectation of privacy, as well as within their exclusive residence," the filing reads.

"The invasion of Plaintiffs was substantial and highly offensive to a reasonable person. Revealing this information has caused Plaintiffs mental suffering and diminished the value of their property."

Google Street View includes a function that allows homeowners to have their pictures removed.

But it appears that the couple have not used the feature and are taking a legal approach. They have asked for $25,000 in damages.

The couple's case is also weakened by the fact that photographs of their home, along with their names and a detailed description, are already on the Allegheny County real estate website.

"Isn't litigation the only way to change a big business' conduct with the public?" the couple's attorney, Dennis Moskal, told the Boston Globe. "What happened to their accountability?"