Game plays with customer-generated content

Game plays with customer-generated content

The retailer is using real-time peer recommendation to boost sales

High street retailer Game is using customer-generated content to provide relevant products for other customers browsing the site and to increase sales.

With the software, the retailer hopes to deliver significant improvements to its online conversion rates and average order value per customer.

The system uses algorithms from customer behaviour on the site. The information is used to drive real-time recommendations and user-generated reviews from the community to provide relevant suggestions for purchase.

"Driving an effective, exciting and engaging online presence is crucial for Game’s future strategy, and building a strong online community for our visitors forms a central element,” said the managing director of Game’s online business, Alex Croft.

“By improving the relevance of our customers’ searches, we’re providing an appealing shopping experience, that will in turn enable us to hit performance targets in terms of increased basket sizes and repeat purchases,” he said.

Supplier Avail Intelligence is providing the system.