Fujikura Continues Market Leadership With New Fusion Splicer

Fujikura Continues Market Leadership With New Fusion Splicer

FSM-60S offers upgrade replacement to world’s best selling fusion splicer

Fujikura Europe Ltd has today announced the launch of the FSM-60S Fusion Splicer – the next generation to the best-selling FSM-50S. The new splicer will continue to target the European telecommunications market.

The new ruggedized machine is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, and offers increased protection from dust, water, vibration and shock. The FSM-60S also has a battery that can be charged during normal operation, accommodates a variety of clamping systems, and has the option to incorporate a second heater.

“We are excited about bringing this next generation fusion splicer model to the European market,” said Fujikura general manager, Roy Higgins. “The FSM-50S has been deployed by virtually all major incumbent operators and service providers throughout Europe and has delivered record breaking sales since its launch.

“The FSM-60S offers a technical leap forward over the previous model, delivering improved performance, greater versatility and easier portability – going further to meet the future demands of our customers throughout Europe,” concluded Higgins.

Fujikura has been a leading manufacturer of fusion splicing products since 1978, and the FSM-60S represents 30 years of continuous technological development.