Craigslist scam couple arrested

Craigslist scam couple arrested

Husband and wife allegedly posted false ad to cover up burglary

Two people have been arrested for allegedly posting an advertisement on Craigslist which led to a local man having his house ransacked.

Robert Salisbury, an independent contractor, returned home to find his house being ransacked by strangers after an advert posted on Craigslist claimed that he was leaving the area suddenly and everything in his house was up for grabs.

Salisbury found around 30 people rummaging through his belongings, and has managed to recover little of his property.

It now transpires that the posting on Craigslist was apparently made to cover up an earlier robbery.

Brandon and Amber Herbert have been arrested after Craigslist staff and police cooperated to find the culprit.

Amber Herbert has confessed to posting the adverts after she and her husband stole three saddles and then posted the advertisement to cover up what they had done.

The duo has now been charged with theft and computer crime offences.