Autosafe Cubebyte - Review

Autosafe Cubebyte - Review

Autosafe Cubebyte - ReviewBottomline: A good design for all sizes of Kensington lock slots

Manufacturer: Cubebyte

Almost all notebooks come with small slots designed for Kensington locks, allowing them to be secured to non-moveable items such as fixed tables and desks.

However, slight variances in the size of the slot means all locks will not fit all notebooks. Cubebyte attempts to solve this problem by using a lock that adjusts to the size of any slot – two steel bars fill the lock when you turn the key. As with all Kensington locks, the Cubebyte is really only of use if your notebook is nearby but out of sight.

If a thief is out of earshot, such as in your home while you’re away, it won’t take long to break it using brute force, although the notebook may suffer some damage.