APC Business Casual Messenger Bag - Review

APC Business Casual Messenger Bag - Review

APC Business Casual Messenger Bag - ReviewProtect your notebook in (relative) style

Pros: Lots of pockets for all your accessories; Good value; Light and easy to carry

Cons: Can slip off shoulder from time to time

Bottomline: An excellent, capacious bag that doesn't look at all bad on the shoulder

Manufacturer: APC

Generally, notebook bags tend to fall into two camps: those that offer a sufficient amount of protection from knocks and drops, and those that look good.

Recently, though, we've started to see a few cases that have managed to bridge the gap, such as Brenthaven's Metrolite range. One of its chief benefits is that it's designed to carry, as well as your notebook computer, both the power pack and one of APC's own top-up battery packs. Of course, you don't have to use it with the APC battery – it can be used to hold any similarly sized package.

Cleverly, the bag manages to stay relatively slim and bulk-free even when it's loaded with gear. We managed to load it with a notebook, power supply, spare battery, various cables and odds and ends, and even an SLR camera, yet it was still fairly easy to carry around and didn't look too overloaded.

The bag is well made, with adequate protection against being bashed, although perhaps not as much as the above-mentioned Metrolite. The only problem was that the strap could have done with a bit more grip, as it was slightly prone to slipping off our shoulders. But other than that the bag is an excellent product for messengers, and business and casual users alike.