Wireless network to support Heathrow Terminal 5 operations

Wireless network to support Heathrow Terminal 5 operations

System will provide baggage handling support and public internet access

Heathrow Terminal 5 (T5), due to open to the public next week, will have wireless aceess throughout the building provided by Aruba Networks.

The wireless infrastructure will provide access for the public as well as supporting airport operator BAA's services such as an advanced baggage handling system.

Providing secure and separate functions for the different wireless services is crucial, according to Kevin Fallon, commercial leader for T5 systems at BAA.

“In our view Aruba had the only architecture that could guarantee the level of security we required,” he said.

The infrastructure will allow BAA to act as service provider, offering wireless services to retail establishments and British Airways among others.

Coverage will extend onto the apron around the terminal, allowing staff with wireless readers to scan luggage loaded onto aircraft against the main database.