Websense to tackle Web 2.0

Websense to tackle Web 2.0

Security firm Websense has launched a new threat monitoring system

Security firm Websense has updated its threat monitoring tools, taking Web 2.0 threats into consideration, and ushering in its use of grid computing.

The new Websense ThreatSeeker Network, includes what Websense calls the " world's first Internet HoneyGrid", and more than 50m real time data collection systems to monitor web traffic, and the presence of threats.

This combination, along with the ability to parse through one billion items a day, gives Websense "unparalleled visibility into the state of content on the internet" and the ability to "monitor and classify web, messaging, and data content", it said in a statement.

Websense said that a key addition was the ability to identify, and deal with, so called Web 2.0 issues. "The ThreatSeeker Network is the first and only system of its kind that enables customers to take advantage of powerful web 2.0 applications, safely and securely," said, John McCormack, senior vice president of product development.