Web Conferencing Launch Brings Professional Video Communication To SME’s For The First Time

Web Conferencing Launch Brings Professional Video Communication To SME’s For The First Time

London UK - SMEs can now harness the power of professional quality, web based video-conferencing, messaging and collaboration with the launch of ICU Live! from leading unified communications consultancy ICUGlobal.

ICU Live! delivers a complete voice, data and video solution that enables desktop users to video conference with up to 64 simultaneous participants, to share documents, video clips or PowerPoint presentations, and to collaborate on ideas via an integrated whiteboard. ICU Live! also allows users to record, playback or broadcast meetings, send instant messages and make free internet calls.

Whilst ICU Live! is equally at home in the global enterprise-wide arena, low entry-level pricing, from £5 per month per user and compatibility with most PCs fitted with even the most basic webcam and headset, ensures that the solution is ideally suited to SMEs.

In addition to the significant productivity improvements and reduced operational costs resulting from reduced travel to and from meetings, users also reap the rewards of faster communications and decision taking. Interaction with suppliers and customers is also transformed. Requiring just a standard wired or wireless internet connection, and taking only minutes to register and download, the benefits of ICU Live! are immediate. Applications are endless.

Says Stephen McKenzie CEO of ICUGlobal, “Even the largest organisations are often tied to just voice or data interaction between locations. Inhibitive equipment costs and license pricing structures have, to date, limited the spread of video conferencing and collaboration to just those with the biggest budgets.

“However, with the accessibility and affordability that ICU Live! brings to the market, it is even the smallest organisations that, within minutes, can derive the benefits of face-to-face interaction. Wasted time spent traveling or poor management control of staff based at home or satellite offices is now a thing of the past. We are confident that, within a few moments of downloading the trial from our site, that organizations will want this functionality at the heart of their business communication processes.”

ICUGlobal has set up a free trial download at: http://www.icuglobal.co.uk/icu-live.html

Photos show: ICU Live! “in action” and Stephen McKenzie, CEO of ICUGlobal

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