US asks for airport security laptop bags

US asks for airport security laptop bags

Quest to cut airport waiting times

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is asking vendors for designs of laptop bags that can be x-rayed more easily.

Fliers in the US currently have to remove laptops from bags for scanning but this adds to the problem of airport queues. Now the TSA has asked for design ideas for a bag that can be processed in the same way as normal luggage.

"The goal of this 'TSA recognised' laptop bag would be to enhance the security process by eliminating one screening requirement at the checkpoint, thereby lowering travellers' stress levels and reducing the number of claims for lost or damaged laptops," said TSA administrator Kip Hawley

The bag must be 16 inches in height, 24-inches wide and 36-inches long according to the TSA. It can have no straps or power supplies interfering with the x-ray scanning.

Currently circulating reference designs include a bag that could pull apart into separate compartments and one that would open out and hold the laptop vertically using clips.

The deadline for submissions is April 17 and prototypes have to be delivered for testing by May.