UK businesses are ill-prepared for disaster

UK businesses are ill-prepared for disaster

Managers are not ready for the impact of serious events, says report

UK businesses are failing to protect themselves from the threats of high-profile disasters, despite the potential damage from unforeseen events.

A study conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Cabinet Office suggests that 46 per cent of company managers fear the impact of extreme weather conditions, but only 29 per cent have plans for coping in such circumstances.

Three quarters of organisations in the IT sector regard disaster preparation as being critical to their business, but only 39 per cent have suitable plans in place.

Even among businesses who do have contingency plans, relevant details are not being passed on to employees. Only one in three new staff members are informed of disaster strategies, despite an annual labour turnover rate of 13 per cent.

The CMI and Cabinet Office spoke to 754 managers working in the UK.