live on Polopoly live on Polopoly is relaunched on the Swedish content management vendor Polopoly’s platform. The objective of the new site is to extensively integrate streaming media as news material. Last year TV4 also launched two new success websites and on Polopoly.

TV4 is one of Sweden’s strongest media brands and their efforts in digital services are highly ambitious, and have been very successful. The company’s main web portal,, is one of Sweden’s largest media websites.

TV4 selected Polopoly because the system enables easy ways for quickly creating new websites such as temporary theme sites or new permanent sites. Polopoly provides TV4 with an easy publishing system with a consistent workflow for any type of content such as text, image and streaming media, and a system that enables multi-channel publishing. The system also provides possibilities for advanced weather functionality and user generated content.

“The relaunch of is a big step for us. The templates created with Polopoly makes it possible to launch new sites fast without having to build new templates each time. That is important for us. Last year we launched more web sites than any other actor on the Swedish media market and we will continue at high speed”, says Per-Åke Olsson, head of development for new platforms at TV4.

The administration interface has been customized to fit the working processes of TV4’s editorial staff. The editors can work with resources such as images, article texts, web links or video clips in a consistent and intuitive way. Once an article has been created, it is very easy to search for resources using simple “cut-and-paste” functionality. New technical functionality gives the editors the possibility to manage incoming news feeds, enabling quick searches and automatic data feed filtering.

Polopoly is based on an open architecture that allows easy integration with other applications to maximise efficient use of media assets. The robust and scalable web publishing environment Polopoly provides is capable of handling a constantly increasing number of sites, web editors and visitors. Polopoly provides the necessary tools to easily create websites with a high level of personalization and user interactivity and a user-friendly work environment for web editors.

Polopoly is a leading technology player in regards to supplying content management technology to demanding media players. Our content management technology covers all media types: text, images and streaming media. It provides an integrated management of both editorially produced content and user generated content. Our headquarters are located in Sweden, but we serve customers worldwide. Today, our technology is used by a host of the world’s most demanding media players.

TV4 is a commercial quality channel broadcasting in Sweden, airing shows for all kinds of target groups. TV4 offers a great variety of shows; entertainment, movies, Swedish and international drama, children’s shows, documentaries, news and sports. TV4 is one of Sweden’s strongest media brands.