'Thinnest' 256GB solid-state drive

'Thinnest' 256GB solid-state drive

At 12.5mm, it is 40percent thinner than any similar device, maker claims

California-based Super Talent Technology has launched what it claims is the slimmest-yet 256GB solid state drive (SSD).

The 2.5in FSD56GC25H SATA drive is 12.5mm thick – 40percent thinner than any other 256GB SSD, the company says.

Access times are cited as 0.1ms access times, with a maximum 65MB/sec sequential read speed and 50MB/sec sequential write speed.

“We designed this drive for applications that need rugged and reliable storage in a very compact form factor,” said Super Talent marketing director, Joe James.

Pricing was not revealed. The company sells to manufacturers rather than end users.