Technology Supplier Search Engine, Conjungo, Launches

Technology Supplier Search Engine, Conjungo, Launches

Technology supplier search engine, Conjungo, has launched today as a timesaving tool for businesses looking for local or specialist suppliers of technologies. Conjungo, from the Latin meaning ‘to unite’, already boasts over 15,000 listings of technology suppliers.

Conjungo offers accurate and refined search results for business technologies. Results can be filtered by any combination of:
 geography - local or national suppliers,
 expertise - suppliers that have specific industry experience,
 market segment - suppliers that sell to certain sizes of organisations.
The search fields in Conjungo were defined by buyers themselves to make supplier identification refined, quick and easy.

Conjungo is destined to become popular for business owners or managers searching for suppliers for technologies such as business software, security, networking, hosting, audio/visual, telecoms, VoIP, and IP telephony. In these fields alone, BT, Symantec, Gamma Telecom, St Bernard, Steljes, Hostway, SMC Networks and PGP Corporation are amongst those to have listed their entire base of channel partners (resellers) to help customers find the right partner.

“Within seconds I found a number of VoIP providers based in Surrey (UK), who have experience of selling solutions into the retail sector. This tool will help buyers identify solution providers in a way that they cannot currently do, taking the drudgery out of searching,” said Jayne Dimmick, Director Product Marketing, Swyx Solutions.

Amongst the high profile vendors to have listed their entire channel within Conjungo are Citrix, Adobe, Progress Software, Wyse Technology, Netvoyager, Teleware Plc, Rostrvm Solutions, Mamut Software, and Brocade.

“Traditional search engines are great for researching a topic area, but not so good at narrowing down the search for suppliers experienced in the right size/type of business, or ones based in the right location,” said David Cruse, CEO, Conjungo. “We spent three years developing Conjungo to solve this problem. We believe it will considerably reduce the time it takes for buyers to find appropriate technology suppliers.”

Cruse continued: “Through our targeted marketing opportunities, Conjungo also helps local suppliers find local customers, or the types of customers they really want to work with. And on the other hand, vendors can use Conjungo as part of their channel marketing programmes to drive more leads directly into the channel. It’s a win-win situation for all parties, the customer, the vendor and the reseller!”