Staff want greener bosses

Staff want greener bosses

Incredible sulk over lack of green moves by enterprises

According to the Carbon Trust conscientious employees in the IT and telecoms sector want bosses to do more for the environment, with many wanting guidance on how to limit their own office-footprint.

A survey released by the group found that 72 per cent of workers in those sectors, wanted to cut their carbon footprint but were lacking in advice and best practice documentation on how best to do so from their employers.

Worryingly, when staff are so concerned, it appears that few executives are as worried. The Carbon Trust found that 61 per cent could see no evidence of any attempts to lower emissions by their employers, while just a quarter felt that their company was doing enough.

Hugh Jones, solutions director at the Carbon Trust, said, "It's never been more important for all businesses, of all sizes, to act on climate change. With savings of up to 20 per cent to be made on energy bills… it makes perfect sense to empower employees to do their bit both at work and at home".

Firms are advised by the group to consider methods of travel, their use of products, and their involvement in recycling schemes.

Coinciding with the results of the survey the Trust announced a national campaign designed to encourage firms and their staff to collaborate on improving their green behaviour. A free information pack containing advice on how to achieve this is available from the Carbon Trust web site.