Skywire Software Launches Enhanced Version of Acclaimed Documaker Customer Communication Management (CCM) Suite

Skywire Software Launches Enhanced Version of Acclaimed Documaker Customer Communication Management (CCM) Suite

Over 90 new enhancements drive improved business efficiency and customer communications for banking, finance and utility companies

Skywire Software, a leading global provider of software and services to key vertical industries, has launched Documaker 11.3, the newest version of the leading enterprise customer communications management (CCM) suite. The latest release of Documaker is designed to put even more power in the hands of business users, featuring more than 90 customer- and market-driven enhancements designed to help businesses to increase efficiency, accelerate response times and improve overall customer communication.

Documaker is a dynamic publishing platform used by more than 1,000 customers worldwide to acquire, create, manage and present batch, real-time and interactive customer communications. This can include statements, invoices, bills, and other essential customer communications. The Documaker suite helps companies manage customer communications enterprise-wide — including document production, correspondence, Web presentment and cross-selling campaigns — across all locations and lines of business. These features help to streamline customer communications across the board, whilst also ensuring fast response times and flexibility – a valuable advantage for any business.

“Skywire Software is committed to continuously innovating and investing in our CCM offerings,” said Wendy Gibson, chief marketing officer at Skywire Software. “We have worked with our Client Advisory Council to ensure that Documaker 11.3 reflects the latest technology trends and meets their evolving business needs for improved customer communications.”

Tested and deployed by Fortune 500 companies, this latest version empowers business users to design, create and change documents more quickly and easily than ever before. Documaker 11.3 provides:

• Structured and interactive publishing for batch or real-time, on-demand documents such correspondence, billing reminders and renewal letters
• Expanded conversion capability, helping companies maintain the intelligence and integrity of their data during legacy system migrations
• Support for the widest variety of formats, platforms, databases, integration methods and print streams in the industry
• Improved ease of application development
• Industry-leading support for high-volume output and enterprise-wide document output management

A roles-based workspace and enhanced toolbar in Documaker 11.3, featuring the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2007, further enhance usability. Other new features include:

• Enhanced styles, tables and templates
• Advanced charting and graphics wizard
• Flesch scoring with full readability statistics
• Ability to import or attach multi-page PDFs as bitmaps
• 2D Datamatrix barcode support
• Signature placeholders in PDFs for use with 3rd-party PDF e-signature solutions
• Enhanced reporting, including library and deployment validation reports, trigger rule usage reports, and variable field analysis reports
• Ability to rollback a promotion

Many of the new features include “wizard” options to accelerate learning and provide a more immediate impact. This agility and flexibility lets companies respond more quickly to changing business requirements and improves speed-to-market.

Skywire Software was recently named a leading provider of enterprise document automation solutions by advisory and research firm Celent LLC. In Celent’s report, Document Automation Solution Vendors for Insurers 2007, Documaker was shown to have the largest install user base of any product in the industry, with more than 1,000 insurance and financial services customers. Skywire Software led or scored highly in all four categories examined in Celent’s “ABCD” requirements: Advanced technology and technical flexibility, Breadth of functionality, Customer base, and Depth of client services.

“Documaker is the most widely-used document automation tool in the industry for a reason: it has a long history, a complete set of functionality, a stable product, and supports almost any infrastructure,” wrote the report’s author, Celent senior analyst Jeff Goldberg. “Insurers should rest assured that this is a modern system that will fit into their technology roadmaps.”

Documaker 11.3 is open by design, built for integration into today’s modern SOA architectures, and integrates easily with Web services. Skywire Software recently achieved IBM SOA Specialty partner status, meaning Documaker is certified to integrate with IBM’s software and strategy for SOA. Documaker also has achieved “SAP® Certified Integration” status.

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