Put on your black suit, dark shades and annihilate some alien scum

Put on your black suit, dark shades and annihilate some alien scum

Ojom release Men In Black: Alien Assault

Berlin - Ojom GmbH, a leading creator and global publisher of mobile games, announced today the launch of the mobile game adaptation of the alien-thwarting classic, Men in Black. Packed with intergalactic action lurking around every corner, the classic movie comes to your mobile phone. Are you prepared to give up your identity and put on the last suit you’ll ever wear?

Rumours are spreading across New York that unidentified creatures are causing havoc in the city. Your mission is to head up an investigation to find evidence of the alien invaders. The first lead brings you to the city of New York where alien activity has been rife. So be sure to carry your Neuralizer to ensure there are no civilian witnesses.

Marc Busse, Sales Manager at Ojom GmbH, said: “I’ve always wanted to use a Neuralizer and now I can. With all the action of the hit movie on your mobile phone, you can hunt down aliens and solve crimes along the way. Men in Black – Alien Assault is an exhilarating game packed with power ups, secret levels, freaky weapons and a world threatening alien conspiracy. And this time it’s up to us to save the planet and kick some alien butt.”

Look out for alien artefacts and new weapons - as your investigation unfolds, you will appreciate their very unique features. Improve your final score, earn extra bonus points and unlock secret levels in the Story Mode to blast even more aliens back to wherever they came from.

Men in Black: Alien Assault forms part of a series of games based on Hit Movie Classics. For more information, visit the Ojom website at www.ojom.com.