PageOne’s new Business Continuity products to add a touch of Flare at Business Continuity Expo

PageOne’s new Business Continuity products to add a touch of Flare at Business Continuity Expo

Stand 533, Business Continuity Expo, Excel, London - PageOne, the UK’s leading messaging technology company working across the public and enterprise sectors, announces its intention to launch its new Business Continuity suite of products, Flare, at this year’s Business Continuity Expo at Excel, London, 2nd-3rd April.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is essential to any company, as being prepared for a crisis can make a fundamental difference between chaos and a structured return to business. There are two key products underpinning Flare, namely Escalate and areyousafe, which will help businesses maintain secure and reliable messaging communications.

Escalate is an event notification system that automatically forwards SMS text messages to members of a predefined fallback list. It has been purposely designed for mission critical messaging, and its real time reporting tools make it easy and quick to analyse each step of the escalation. If a message such as an alert or a callout request is not received or acknowledged within a pre-determined time, it can be escalated to a series of colleagues until it is answered or delivered. If no one responds, the message returns to the administrator. The system is easy-to-use and needs no additional software. It is web based, therefore administrators can log on and monitor an escalating situation from anywhere.

areyousafe is a real time staff check in and acknowledgement service. Developed to satisfy the exacting demands of disaster recovery, areyousafe provides a quick intuitive tool to help HR administrators and Business Continuity Officers review their staff’s safety. In the event of a crisis, employees can call an assigned number where by, using vCard technology to interrogate their Caller Line Identity (CLI), areyousafe identifies the staff member irrespective of whether they are using a mobile or landline. Callers are then guided through a series of voice prompts to confirm identity, location and if they need support.

Dan Wong, Business Continuity Product Marketing Manager for PageOne, said, “A resilient communications system is crucial for any Business Continuity Plan. When it comes to staff safety companies need to be prepared – they need a robust, quick and user-friendly way of finding out employees’ status. PageOne has recognised that BCM has emerged as a core element of business strategy, and Flare products meet the requirements. Its secure web-based messaging service, escalation products and unique IVR platform should make it the system of choice for organisations across the UK.”