PacketTrap Networks Announces General Availability of Network Management Solution pt360 PRO

PacketTrap Networks Announces General Availability of Network Management Solution pt360 PRO

Company Ends Formal Beta Program and Launches Solution with 18,000 Users

San Francisco, CA - PacketTrap Networks, a leading network management company, today announced the launch of its highly-anticipated network management solution, pt360 PRO. The PRO features important but simple-to-use tools such as Cisco configuration, network discovery and gadgets for MS Exchange, SQL server and Active Directory monitoring. It is the successor to PacketTrap's free network management solution, pt360 Tool Suite, which offers basic troubleshooting, diagnostic and monitoring capabilities to organizations of all sizes.

PacketTrap's pt360 PRO is available today at after a three-month formal beta program that attracted more than 18,000 users. Importantly, the solution incorporates much of the feedback that was provided by users in more than 5,000 emails covering topics such as feature requests, enhancement suggestions and criticisms.

Key to the solution is its centralized dashboard, which is the launch pad for all network monitoring, diagnostic and troubleshooting tasks. Its drag-and-drop interface integrates tools, gadgets, device groups and more on a single screen.

"We have spent a tremendous amount of time working with the IT community to develop what we think is a highly differentiated and effective network management solution that provides users with visibility into mission-critical applications," said Steve Goodman, CEO of PacketTrap. "We are thrilled about today's launch of pt360 PRO because it sets a new bar for the term 'easy to use,' which every network management vendor out there seems to communicate but few actually deliver."

Highlights of pt360 PRO:

Cisco Configuration Editor
This central repository for Cisco router configuration allows users to edit, upload and download IOS configuration files. It also automatically compares the running to the startup configuration, color-coding the results for quick and efficient viewing. pt360 PRO's Cisco configuration editor also decrypts any 7-key router password.

Network Discovery:
This tool quickly scans the entire network to discover all devices. Leveraging SNMP and WMI, the tool provides a complete set of attributes for each device that has been discovered and that can be viewed in a cutting-edge user interface.

New Monitoring Gadgets:
Powerful MS Exchange, SQL server and Active Directory gadgets provide real-time monitoring to help IT administrators determine the root cause of application performance issues before an end user is even aware that a problem exists.

Comprehensive Network Administration Tools:
  • Ping Scan
  • Graphical Ping
  • DNS Audit
  • Port Scan
  • MAC Scan
  • SNMP Scan
  • Trace Route
  • TFTP Server
  • Traffic Jam
  • Syslog Server

    Time-Saving Features:
    pt360 PRO allows users to define device groups, which can be used throughout every tool in the tool library. Instead of manually entering DNS names or IP addresses, users can refer to their device groups to ensure accurate network management in a time-efficient manner. In addition, tabs are visible throughout the top of pt360 PRO's dashboard, which can be allocated to perform different tasks. Tabs are easily viewed or can be set to automatically rotate.

    pt360 PRO is available as a free, 30-day trial at The suggested retail price is $1,499 per license, which includes a full year of support and software updates.