Myspace offers add-on applications

Myspace offers add-on applications

Members able to install live chat and drawing programs to their profile

Myspace users can now download items such as vampire games and song playlists to their profiles.

The social networking site has launched a beta version of its Applications Gallery, which allows people to install programs built by external developers.

The gallery currently contains around 5,000 applications and is split into categories such as music, movies, politics and polls.

These include Honesty Box, an application that lets friends post anonymous thoughts about members, and Causes, which helps users alert their friends to worthy charities.

To download an application, Myspace members visit the gallery and click on the one they want. The application can then be installed from the page that appears.

However, Myspace warned that because the gallery is in its beta phase, some applications may not work as well as they should.

It has said it will encourage developers to improve their applications in the coming months to ensure they work properly.