Mobile entertainment sales to exceed £20bn in two years

Mobile entertainment sales to exceed £20bn in two years

Increased demand for next-generation mobile content is driving growth

Sales of mobile entertainment will hit $47.5bn (£23.6bn) by 2010, according to research group Juniper.

The growth will follow growing demand for 3G and made-for-mobile content.

But certain areas of the market, including gambling and adult content could be held back by national and international legislation.

The increase in advanced interactive content is changing the way people use mobile entertainment, said Dr Windsor Holden, author of the Juniper report.

“Traditionally, services such as ringtones and wallpapers accounted for the bulk of mobile entertainment services," he said.

"However, usage patterns are changing rapidly with the increasing availability of more sophisticated and attractive content such as streamed and broadcast video, social networking services and multiplayer games, which have been designed specifically for the mobile environment."