Microsoft releases accessibility tool kits to developers

Microsoft releases accessibility tool kits to developers

A new web site and two developer kits should aid developers of accessible web content

Microsoft has released a number of accessibility tools targeted at developers that want to increase the openness of their products to people with disabilities.

A new web site and two testing tools were launched last week by the firm, offering accessibility checkers, as well as the ability to assess, and test new user interfaces. Microsoft said that it was looking to increase the range and availability of accessible sites.

"We are helping to create a developer community that is focussed on accessibility, and to improve the ability of developers around the world to share their experiences and build more accessible desktop, server and web applications," said Norm Hodne, Windows Accessibility lead at Microsoft.

The new web site, called Microsoft Accessibility Labs, includes resources such as technical content, and to encourage cooperation, and knowledge and experience sharing.

The new tools, AccChecker and UIA Verify, are released on an open source basis, and let developers find problems with applications that they have created.