Medion Gopal P4425 Personal Navigation Device - Review

Medion Gopal P4425 Personal Navigation Device - Review

Medion Gopal P4425 Personal Navigation Device - ReviewA feature-packed navigator with solid performance

Pros: Decent performance on the road; impressive array of additional features; good value for money.

Cons: Maps are a little uninspiring; can take a while to configure properly.

Bottomline: It could be a little more straightforward to use, but it’s another solid effort from Medion.

Manufacturer: Medion

Despite taking a back seat to more established brands like Tomtom and Garmin, we’ve been impressed with the solid performance on the road and range of features of the Medion’s navigators.

The P4425 offers a few improvements over previous models, which suggests the company is looking to build on its recent success.

The slimline chassis and gloss-black finish looks good, while its lightweight design, customisable button and dedicated volume controls on the exterior are also impressive.

Full maps of the UK and Europe are installed as well as built-in Traffic Message Channel and speed camera alerts and Bluetooth.

The list doesn’t end there though, multimedia features such as an MP3 player, photo viewer and video player give it added appeal.

You’ll also find Berlitz travel guides and even an FM transmitter to send tunes or directions to your car stereo. It even includes a fingerprint reader that you can use for security as an alternative to entering a passcode.

Previously we’ve been impressed by Medion’s straightforward navigation, easy-to-access menus and customisable display, and nothing has really changed here.

We weren’t quite as bowled over as we have been in the past though; the maps are starting to look a little bland and uninspiring, and you’ll have to spend some time tweaking the display to get a decent amount of information on screen.

While capable, the general en-route navigation is not nearly as easy to follow as that on the Panasonic Strada that we reviewed in the May issue of PCW.

Despite these niggles, along with the fact that there’s not a lot of additional room on the SD card to add your own digital media, the P4425 is still a capable navigator and, if you’ve the patience to configure it correctly, it won’t steer you wrong.