Loc8tor Lite - Review

Loc8tor Lite - Review

Loc8tor Lite - Review
Always losing things? This gadget might help

Bottomline: A clever device, but the high price mean it's only good for regular losers

Manufacturer: Loc8tor

The Loc8tor Lite is an invaluable gadget for anyone who's prone to losing things.

It comes with a pair of transmitters that can be stuck to anything, such as a remote control or a phone. The Loc8tor transmitters are then paired with the main unit, which is a fairly simple process that's explained well in the printed manual.

Whenever you need to find the device to which the transmitter has been stuck, then, it's just a case of pressing a button on the main unit. The closer you get to the transmitter, the more the unit will bleep.
It worked well in our testing, and while the range of the device is limited it's fine for most people's homes. The changing tone of the bleeps helped to make it easy to locate lost devices.

The only drawback is that the transmitters are relatively large (the size of a boiled sweet) so they stick out on most devices. The price of the Loc8tor Lite makes it good for anyone who regularly loses things in the house, but for many people it's just as easy to hunt around the old-fashioned way.