Linksys WRT150N wireless router - Review

Linksys WRT150N wireless router - Review

Linksys WRT150N wireless router - ReviewFast, cheap, easy to set up – it's everything cable internet users will need

Bottomline: An excellent, fast, cheap router

Price: £59

Manufacturer: Linksys

At the lower end of Linksys's range of routers is the WRT150N, a basic model that nonetheless includes support for the latest 802.11n standard for faster wireless networking.

If you don't have a notebook that supports this, the router also supports earlier wireless modes, and it's good to have the new one for future compatibility.

Note that, because it has no ADSL modem, it's suitable only if you have cable internet or an existing network-compatible ADSL modem.

The device was easy to set up using the wizard supplied on a CD or, if you're more advanced, by logging in to the router using a browser.

All the cables were supplied, and as with most such devices it was necessary to connect with a cable first before setting up the wireless network.

It skips some of the advanced features in the company's more powerful models, such as the Storage Link for connecting a hard disk. But it has all the security and control features you'll need, which is more important.

Speeds were good, and there are four network ports for wired connections. In short, the WRT150N is all that many cable internet users need.