Limewire opens DRM-free music shop

Limewire opens DRM-free music shop

File sharing network offers legit option

Limewire has taken the wraps off its DRM-free music store, allowing users to acquire music downloads through a legitimate paid-for channel.

The file-sharing network's LimeWire Store is widely seen as an effort to draw revenue from users more often accustomed to downloading pirate copies.

Limewire will provide a button next to each track on its P2P network, inviting initially US users to buy a legitimate version stored centrally on the LimeWire Store.

Users can also buy tracks direct from Limewire's online store at 99 cents each.

A monthly subscription option is available for users wishing to engage in heavier above-the-counter use of the service.

Subscriptions are available on a 'silver', 'gold' and 'platinum' basis at $10 per month and 40 cents per track, $15 per month and 30 cents per track and $20 per month and 27 cents per track respectively.

The launch of Limewire Store follows similar DRM-free initiatives by We7, 7 Digital and

Amazon, which currently offers DRM-free downloads to US customers, has announced plans for an international launch, but has yet to give a launch date.