KidZui makes child's play of web browsing

KidZui makes child's play of web browsing

Company claims safe browsing for younger users

KidZui has launched its Internet for Kids browser-based service, promising safe access to the internet for children between the ages of three and 11.

The company, which was founded by Clifford Boro, former chairman of ad firm VideoEgg, has paid 200 parents and teachers to manually vet websites over the past two years.

The result is a customised browser that steers kids safely round content available on the web and continues to manually vet new websites 24/7.

KidZui is supported by $99 annual plans or $9.95 a month subscription fees and has ads embedded within the content.

The downloadable browser also features social networking tools so that kids and parents can share information about sites not currently featured in the KidZui browser.

"We also categorise content by topic so you can personalise the KidZui browser by adding or removing certain topics or sites based on what you feel is appropriate for your kids," said the company.

"If you find kid-friendly websites, pictures or videos that are not in the KidZui browser, you can make them immediately available using your parent account on

"We also invite you to share them with us so we can review them and make them available to the right groups of kids using KidZui."