Kavanagh denies rumours of sale

Kavanagh denies rumours of sale

VAR rebuffs rumours it is up for sale and that it has laid off staff

Datacentre reseller Kavanagh has played down mounting speculation that it is up for sale and has flatly denied making redundancies.

Managing director Rob Campbell accused his rivals of jealousy after speaking out to scotch the rumours.

He also denied that the company had lost a lucrative contract with Network Rail to support its datacentre infrastructure.

Campbell said: “A year ago rumours were rife that Kavanagh was up for sale, but I believe they were spread by a competitor. There are no current negotiations of any description taking place. We are not actively up for sale and are, in fact, looking to acquire.”

Campbell claimed his company’s turnover would increase by 25 per cent this year and predicted a rise of more than 30 per cent next year.

“I can categorically state that there have been no redundancies and there are none planned,” said Campbell.

“I heard the Network Rail rumour three weeks ago. I completely refute it ­ we have a very strong relationship. I suspect these rumours stem from competitor envy.”

Greg Carlow, managing director of rival Repton said: “Kavanagh is a well-regarded and competent company. Growing 30 per cent is possible, but there are always things outside of your control. If it were easy, we would all be doing it.”