IBM buys Encentuate to boost ID management

IBM buys Encentuate to boost ID management

Encentuate purchase will boost access and ID management in IBM's Tivoli arm

IBM has acquired Encentuate, an access and ID management solutions provider specializing in single sign-on and access management.

The Ecentuate bounty will be integrated into IBM's Tivoli software group. IBM called identity management tools, for enterprises, a 'business productivity tool', adding in a statement, "It can help reduce the burden of remembering different passwords, rules and user IDs while helping to improve security by automatically managing passwords, rules and user IDs."

Central tracking of log-in attempts and usage can be used to secure the system further, letting administrators drill down into accurate records of user activity.

Coinciding with the purchase news IBM also announced the creation of its new Security Software Laboratory in Singapore. The group will work on improving security for clients in the Asia-Pacific area.