HomeSwapper leads the way in Mutual Exchange arena

HomeSwapper leads the way in Mutual Exchange arena

HomeSwapper is now a free service to over 1 million social housing tenants

In only a year HomeSwapper has gone from launch to the UK’s most popular Mutual Exchange service amongst both tenants and landlords. What’s more, social tenants in over 1 million homes can now join the service for free thanks to their partnering landlord.

In its first year HomeSwapper has attracted more than 90,000 registrations, over 250 landlord partners and has helped around 5,500 families find a new, more suitable home. And, with 50% of current members using the service free of charge it really has become THE mutual exchange service of choice.

John Carthew, Managing Director of Scout Solutions, the company behind HomeSwapper, said: “We launched HomeSwapper with the aim of making the lives of the many social tenants looking to swap home a little easier whilst offering landlords an excellent new housing option.”

“Already over 50% of our members benefit from HomeSwapper as a free service, ultimately we’d like to see all registered social landlords in the UK partnering HomeSwapper, that way it becomes a free service to every tenant living in one of the UK’s 4 million social rented homes. I am however delighted that after only a year in operation HomeSwapper is already free to 1 million of those tenants – a huge step in the right direction.

Of the 250 landlords who have partnered HomeSwapper there is a unanimous feeling that the service not only offers a greater degree of choice and flexibility for tenants but is a system that requires little input and is easy to use in an ever demanding housing office.

David Hall, Regional Director (South and East) at Raglan comments: “HomeSwapper offers our residents much wider access to others looking to move home and as a result, has the potential to provide them with a greater degree of choice.”

Andrea O’Callaghan, Allocations Manager at Swan Housing Association added: “Before we even had chance to promote our HomeSwapper partnership to tenants, over 70 Swan tenants had found the service whilst searching on the internet and signed themselves up, and with such an easy authorisation method, there is no impact on the team's workload.”

“As HomeSwapper enters its second year, we’re looking to capitalise on our success, continue to add value to our service and provide landlords with improved functionality making HomeSwapper a must for any housing office. I sincerely hope this will lead to non-paying tenant members considerably outweighing paying members in 12 months time,” concludes John.