Green USBCELL Batteries win GOLD at CEBIT iF Product Design Awards

Green USBCELL Batteries win GOLD at CEBIT iF Product Design Awards

USBCELL AA Rechargeable BatteriesAA Battery beats global companies to top award at CEBIT

HANOVER, Germany - As clear evidence of the importance of Green technology at CeBIT this year – a greener AA Battery has beaten thousands of global companies to a top GOLD award at this years prestigious global iF Product Design Awards.

The USBCELL AA battery, invented by UK based Moixa Energy, and designed by British Design duo - Simon Daniel & Chris Wright, took one of 50 prestigious iF Gold Product Design Awards, sometimes referred to as a ‘Design Oscar’ at the awards ceremony at CeBIT yesterday for the best global designs of the year against a competition of 2771 entries from 35 countries. Philips won a Gold for their energy Saving lamps and Apple took 8 awards.

“This demonstrates the importance of Sustainable Design”, said Simon Daniel - CEO & Founder of Moixa Energy; “that our AA USBCELL Battery from a small new British company, can beat the worlds best electronics and consumer brands at CeBIT”, adding “Today’s Portable and wireless devices eat batteries – over 15 billion batteries are now made/thrown away each year – equivalent to a column of batteries to the moon and back, wasting resources, C02 and landfill. The world needs better battery technology like our USBCELL Rechargeable batteries that can be recharged anywhere from a USB port on a desktop, laptop or games station – making it easier to re-use anywhere, saving hassle, money and waste.” It also helps with the EU Battery directive in helping to reduce landfill. The UK alone throws away 22,000 toxic tonnes of batteries each year.

Moixa (rethinking ‘axioms’) passionately believes that sustainable product and better power design can help reduce global energy and resource waste in the short-term. “There is no need to keep on throwing away billions of batteries, AC/DC adaptors, or input/output devices. It is simply a question of better Design – common standards, universal product accessories and modular design. China has already standardized the power adaptor for mobile phones, and consumers want convenience in universal accessories. It’s time global designers took note – and address the need for everything to be Sustainable.”

Simon Daniel, adds “We now live in a golden age of global consumerism – a ‘Harry Potter’ economy where a good idea can go global in hundreds of millions of units – it’s about giving consumers useful products that are also better for the environment. This is the only way to change consumer behaviour at the speed the environment needs”

Moixa has created a significant IP/Patent portfolio, pioneering better battery technology and next generation universal accessories – including portable folding keyboards (licensed on 2m+ keyboards), flat mice and flexible displays. Chris Wright, Design Director, says “Human factors stay the same and we simply won’t develop ‘Hobbit’ fingers to use ever smaller portable devices, consumers are also fed up with buying or carrying cables/adaptors or dedicated accessories that only work with one portable device. We believe the future of portable computing lies with those companies that own the better universal interfaces and power technology, not with those making temporary devices that become obsolete and end up in landfill”.

Chris Wright, adds “We are also working on technologies to help rid the world of AC/DC adaptors that today waste over 5% of global electricity. Today’s renewable technology is ideal for such applications, yet it needs clever design and real innovation to make the technology simple and usable in millions of households to have real impact”

Since Moixa Energy announced USBCELL as a new battery class, it has received worldwide acclaim, and is already in stock across the UK high-street (e.g. Currys, Comet, Staples, Dyas and shortly at leading supermarkets) as well as internationally into 50 countries and at national stores in the US (such as OfficeMax). It recently received the UK National Energy Efficiency Award, European Office Products Award, and also New Energy Entrepreneur of the year award, and corporate branded versions were also given out at the Clinton Global Initiative as part of an eco-friendly/C02 offset bag (See Moixa also plans USBCELL Battery versions for mobile phones/internet access devices that save consumers from carrying cables/adaptors and can increase talk-time as consumers can more easily recharge their power hungry devices.