Grand Finale to John Malkovich’s creative portal

Grand Finale to John Malkovich’s creative portal

The completion of the collaborative project by the artist, Sony’s VAIO and online writers

Weybridge - VAIO’s unique project with John Malkovich for its notebooks has come to a completion and has culminated in the conclusion of an extraordinary online script.

In October 2007, Sony VAIO launched, where the Award-winning actor, producer and director collaborated on an exciting and creative journey.

The partnership saw new film and photographic installments and content uploaded onto the website over the past six months and allowed John to share his views on life and some of the more unusual things that inspire him.

As part of the campaign, John Malkovich penned the opening scene of a short script and members of the general public, fans and aspiring writers were all invited to write the next chapter.

Having submitted their suggestions, other visitors to the site were then able to vote on whether they wanted it to join the master script and become part of the unfolding story. Paragraphs of up to 500 words were put forward and new characters and locations emerged, taking the script in many unexpected directions.

Arianna Tropea from Italy, whose entry was selected for the final installment said: “I’d really like to thank John Malkovich and everyone involved in this project, I think it gave many people a beautiful opportunity. John Malkovich is a very clever and original artist; only a couple of months ago, the idea that I could write something and have him read it was simply unimaginable.”

Thousands of script entries were received on and the shortlisted scripts all received feedback by John personally. John was overwhelmed with the response: “I was hugely impressed with the vast amount of people who engaged with the script challenge; it just shows that imagination is still rife and that the next generation of writers holds incredible promise.”

VAIO of Europe, Marketing Director, Hidetoshi Takigawa commented “For many years John has used a Sony VAIO notebook to record things that inspire him. We decided that through the web site, we could provide a wide audience access to such an exceptional individual who could in turn inspire others to explore fascinating approaches to everyday life.”

VAIO are now working with an animator to transform the words of the final script into visions as a thank you for all the people who participated in the project. The animated film will be available to view on the VAIO website in May.