Fresh UI 8.03

Fresh UI 8.03

Optimise and tweak Windows

Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Type: freeware
Manufacturer: Fresh Devices
Size: 1.4MB

There are many options in Windows that are hidden and unavailable to the average user. Unless you know what you're doing, and are prepared to manually edit your Registry (not advised!), you'll never find the majority of these options.

Tweak UI is a simple application designed to get the most from Windows. The majority of the hidden options are included, along with many of the 'hard to find' options, such as the facility to turn off internal disc burning within Windows, or the autoplay option so CDs do not autoplay when you insert them in your computer.

This tool has been around for a long time so is tried and tested and safe to install, although it requires free registration.

Excellent and lightweight system optimisation tool