East Midlands universities upgrade network

East Midlands universities upgrade network

Academic institutions will use faster connections to further explore e-learning

A group of universities in the East Midlands has upgraded its network to allow high-speed connectivity between academic institutions and expand its e-learning portfolio.

The East Midlands Metropolitan Area Network (EMMAN) is a high-bandwidth regional data network formed by eight universities, which will enable communication between 50 higher and further education institutions and specialist colleges.

The project hopes to support cost-effective ways of teaching, researching and learning across the region. Future plans include implementing e-learning, videoconferencing and online preparation of course materials, as well as digital access to buildings.

“By providing our member institutions with a high-speed, flexible and scalable network at competitive prices, we will allow some 600,000 students, staff and researchers to use IT on a daily basis,” said EMMAN’s executive director Ian Griffiths.

The eight universities that make up EMMAN are De Montfort University, University of Derby, University of Leicester, University of Lincoln, Loughborough University, University of Northampton, University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

ntl:Telewest Business has supplied the high-speed network infrastructure.