Charity website hunts for best fundraiser

Charity website hunts for best fundraiser launches competition to find the site's most proactive user

Mycharitypage, a website that uses a social networking-style format to raise awareness of charities, has launched a competition to find its most proactive user.

The site, which went live this month, allows fundraisers to promote their charitable work by creating a profile and adding event details, photos and videos to their page. The competition is designed to encourage users to make the best possible use of the site's features.

It is particularly aimed at the younger generation of potential donors who are used to organising their lives online, especially through social networking sites. So like traditional social networking sites, Mycharitypage allows users to form networks of support by making friends with other fundraisers.

The most successful fundraiser will be chosen based on how they use the site to raise money and the nature of the charity's events. They will receive a £500 donation to give to their charity.

Mycharitypage is free to join but the donor incurs a 2.75 per cent card fee, so a donation of £10 would be charged at £10.28. The website is designed to be used by charities, their event organisers and anybody who wants to raise money for a good cause.

A Facebook application will be launched at the end of March to further boost users' fundraising profiles. Mycharitypage is also in negotiations with major mobile networks, including BT, to organise a text message donation service.

All entrants need to do to be considered for the prize is to set up a page and use as many of the features as possible to raise donations. The competition closes on 1 July.