BMC acquires BladeLogic

BMC acquires BladeLogic

Vendor signs definitive agreement to acquire datacentre automation company for $800m

BMC Software has signed a definitive agreement to purchase datacentre automation company BladeLogic for $800m.

The vendor claimed the transaction which is expected to commence within the next ten days and is subject to regulatory approvals, would significantly accelerate the company’s top-line growth.

Jim Grant, senior vice president and general manager of BMC’s enterprise service management business unit, said: “BMC is the only independent software vendor able to meet the customer demand for architected and automated IT management solutions.

“For us this is a great opportunity to capitalise on the customer dissatisfaction with our competitors’ offerings created by continued product shortcomings and forced migrations.”

Dev Ittycheria, chief executive of BladeLogic said: “When it comes to datacentre management, IT organisations have learned the hard way that the architecture you start with is the architecture you are stuck with.

“From day one, we focused on developing an architecture specifically designed for managing today’s complex datacentre. Our growth and competitive win rate is strong evidence that we got this right. Our next-generation architecture will be a natural extension of BMC’s BSM platform.”