BitComet 1.0 Beta - Review

BitComet 1.0 Beta - Review

User-friendly torrent client

Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Type: freeware
Size: 5.33MB

Using peer-to-peer technology is great for downloading large files. Particularly software that has recently been released. Often you spend so long trying to get on to the software website – along with everyone else – that you just end up giving up. It’s too slow.

However, you’ll find that other people have downloaded the software you want, so why not make that software (legally) available as a Torrent file and share it with others? They can then download from you and others, quickly.

The problem with Bittorrent is that it’s a rather basic tool. Does the job, but fairly simply. BitComet is a free file sharing tool that is Bittorrent compatible. It ships with a fantastic interface, which makes it a pleasure to use if you’re sharing files on a daily basis. You can queue files to download, auto-resume downloads, set speed limits, change your ports and much more.

Does all the same work as Bittorrent, but with a better user-interface.