Bayer takes on EMb expansion

Bayer takes on EMb expansion

EMb announces appointment of new vice president EMEA

Motorola has appointed Michael Bayer as EMEA vice president of its Enterprise Mobility business (EMb).
Bayer previously headed the EMb (formerly Symbol Technologies) operation in central and eastern Europe. He replaces Jan Burton, who has returned to the US for personal reasons. Prior to joining Symbol, Bayer held senior roles with Cisco and T-Mobile.

He has been charged with the task of exploring new vertical markets, including healthcare, oil and gas, and local government, and expanding EMb’s business in Africa and the Middle East.
Bayer indicated that he expects EMb’s business to increase by more than 10 per cent this year, both globally and in the UK. He also claimed that the enterprise mobility market as a whole would grow by 40 per cent over the next three years.

“I am the right man for this job because I know the industry inside out. My first priority is to maintain the stability we have been able to establish,” said Bayer.

“The UK market is extremely important to us because it is the biggest individual market in EMEA. UK customers are also more willing to go for new technology.”
EMb currently has 554 UK partners, and Bayer said he would be working with them to increase EMb’s activities in the voice space.

He said: “We are getting into voice over IP. Dual-mode handsets are also going to get more into the mainstream.”

VAR Microtek partnered with Motorola EMb in April of last year, and sales manager Richard Thomas said: “It has been a good relationship; Motorola EMB has some very good products and our clients seem to be happy.”