Applied Security Launches New File Encryption Solution

Applied Security Launches New File Encryption Solution

fideAS file enterprise delivers data loss and information leakage prevention

Applied Security has launched its new fideAS enterprise file and folder encryption solution in the UK to protect and secure access to sensitive data on fileservers, deskops and laptops by encrypting all the files and folders on the disk drives. Integrated into existing workflow and completely transparent to users, the fideAS encryption process can also be used to control removable storage media such as USB keys or removable hard drives. This prevents data theft or leakage and also ensures that viruses or other malware are blocked from getting onto the network.

Other features of fideAS file enterprise include automatic encryption of email attachments, revision-safe logging and the enforcement of the ‘four-eyes-principle’ that ensures at least two people are present to access specific confidential data.

The entire administration of fideAS file enterprise, including access authorisations, is performed centrally using a simple graphical interface and is integrated with existing directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory. Role separation between system and security administrators ensures that no one has unauthorised access to confidential files; while keys and certificates are generated automatically and distributed to users as software or on smartcards and USB tokens.

“Recent high profile date loss incidents from the HMRC and Royal Navy to TKMaxx, and Marks and Spencer, could all have been avoided if files had been encrypted,” says Frank Schlottke, CEO at Applied Security.

“It is clear that companies and public sector organisations now recognise that encryption is the most effective way to protect confidential data falling into the wrong hands and fulfilling compliance requirements. fideAS file enterprise has been designed to combine a high level of cryptographic security with maximum user friendliness, so that encryption does not slow down or get in the way of day-to-day work activity,“ adds Schlottke.

Also available from Applied Security is fideAS file safe, a free tool for encryption and decryption of files by a password that can be used to decrypt email attachments encrypted by fideAS file. fideAS file safe uses AES-256, the strongest state-of-the-art symmetric encryption algorithm.