Zinwave Launches Unique 3000 Active Wideband Das For In-Building Wireless Convergence

Zinwave Launches Unique 3000 Active Wideband Das For In-Building Wireless Convergence

Universal Future Proof System Supports and Aggregates Full Wireless Spectrum with the Lowest Cost Solution on The Market Today

GSMA Mobile World Congress, Barcelona - Zinwave, a pioneer of next generation in-building cellular and wireless technology, today launches its 3000 Active Wideband Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Designed to support and aggregate a multi-service, multi-operator wireless environment, the Zinwave 3000 is the most cost-effective in-building coverage system. The system supports the full wireless spectrum, from 136MHz through to 2.7GHz on a single platform.

A true wideband system – no parallel service specific units and no cabling overlays – the Zinwave 3000 allows businesses and facilities to deploy a single centrally managed platform to support multi-service/multi-operator wireless coverage. Any number or combination of services are supported – including 2G/3G to LTE; WiFi; WiMAX; TETRA; private mobile radio; RFID; DVB-H; etc – enabling simultaneous mobility for employees, consumers and emergency services. It is also the only active DAS system that can support Time Division Duplex (TDD) services.

The scalability and flexibility afforded by the Zinwave 3000 ensures wireless coverage can be delivered to the most complex of locations and structures, including multi-building campus sites, high-rise offices, or large complexes such as airports. The Zinwave 3000 can utilise single-mode (SMF) or multi-mode (MMF) fibre (with a coaxial option), allowing the use of existing fibre infrastructure where available.

Jonathan Paget, CEO of Zinwave, comments, “The rapid evolution and convergence of wireless technologies and services, coupled with the emerging trend of frequency migration of existing services, is a complex battle-ground for both businesses and operators alike. Each requires the agility and infrastructure to quickly and cost-effectively deploy new wireless services and upgrade applications on-demand in order to retain consumer loyalty; generate new revenues; or enable greater productivity from employees.

“With the launch of Zinwave’s 3000 Active Wideband DAS, enterprises and operators are able to aggregate multiple wireless services onto a single in-building infrastructure, whether in a greenfield site or building upon existing fibre cabling. As a result of this unique capability, coupled with the low cost patented wideband technology, businesses and operators can benefit from significantly reduced Capex and Opex costs for in-building coverage.

Paget concludes, “Importantly the Zinwave 3000 supports new and frequency migrating services without the need for disruptive and costly upgrades, additional hardware, or cable overlays. In doing so businesses can be assured that our innovation will increase their bottom-line profits. Even with a cellular only requirement, the Zinwave 3000 offers a simple DAS solution at a substantially lower cost than alternative solutions on the market today.”

Key features of the Zinwave 3000 Active Wideband DAS include:
• Multiple services distributed simultaneously with the same components and cable layout
• High power un-obtrusive Remote Units that connect via MMF, SMF or coaxial cable
• Future proof – Additional services can be added with no additional components or infrastructure
• Scalable and flexible – Single or dual star architecture, can be tailored to suit every environment, building size, topology or required connectivity
• Highly cost-effective – Through ease of planning, installation and management.

Furthermore, the Zinwave 3000 provides a built-in Element Management System (EMS), for centralised monitoring and configuration. A web-based interface allows the management features to be accessed without requiring any proprietary equipment of software. Alternatively an SNMP interface allows integration into existing management systems.